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Products for Sale

Fall rye with large kernels, improved test weight, high grain yield, strong straw and excellent winter hardiness

Yield standard for brown seeded oil seed flax in western Canada with consistently high yields and strong straw

Brown seeded oil seed flax with improved yield and larger seed

Preferred by end users

Adapted to all areas of western Canada

Bright yellow seeded oil seed flax with improved yield and straw strength. Matures 2 days later than CDC Bethune with better lodging resistance

Crested wheatgrass selected for its vigour, yield, large seedsize and plant stature

Meadow bromegrass with high yield potential. Slightly taller plant height, and wider, longer leaves than Fleet

Yellow field pea featuring improved yield potential, good lodging tolerance and powdery mildew resistance

Spring triticale with reduced awn expression

Suited for use as a feed grain and forage

High quality CPS wheat with early maturity, midge tolerance, improved protein content and good disease resistance

Awned, midge tolerant CWRS variety with medium to tall straw and very high grain yield

Two-row malting barley with high yields and good straw strength

Two-row feed barley with top grain yield, straw strength, test weight and kernel size and plumpness

Two-row forage barley with smooth awns and CDC Cowboy parentage. High forage yield potential, and very large plump grain with high test weight

Forage pea with a small seed size. Features high biomass production combined with high grain yield and high relative feed value

CWRS wheat with a great disease package, including an MR rating for FHB and midge tolerance

2325 HU (RM 00.1) Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybean with excellent yield potential and defensive traits.

White hulled milling oat with high grain yield, very good lodging resistance and excellent milling quality.

Synthetic hybrid polish canola

Adapted to short-season growing areas of western Canada


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