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Solid stem Canada Western Amber Durum with excellent wheat stem sawfly tolerance, improved yield potential, high test weight, good pigment content,

Solid stemmed durum with good sawfly tolerance

Brown seeded oil seed flax with improved yield and larger seed

Preferred by end users

Adapted to all areas of western Canada

Bright yellow seeded oil seed flax with improved yield and straw strength. Matures 2 days later than CDC Bethune with better lodging resistance

Yellow field pea featuring improved yield potential, good lodging tolerance and powdery mildew resistance

Awned, midge tolerant CWRS variety with medium to tall straw and very high grain yield


Brown seeded oil seed flax with higher yields than CDC Bethune.

Imidazolinone tolerant small red lentil with larger seed size and seed weight than CDC Maxim

Medium height, awned, hollow stemmed CWRS wheat with high yields

Adapted to wheat growing areas of the Canadian prairies


Two-row, hulled malting barley. Combines good agronomic performance and physical grain quality with resistance to covered smut and stem rust


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