CDC Lewochko (
, Yellow Pea


CDC Lewochko is a mid-maturing yellow cotyledon, semi-leafless field pea variety. It was recommended for registration in 2016 and will be released to Select Seed Growers in Saskatchewan in 2018. CDC 4061-4 was tested for two years in the Field Pea Co-op Registration Test “A” in 2014 - 2015. In these trials, the yield was 116% of the yellow pea check varieties CDC Golden and Agassiz (Table 1). In 4 years of testing in the Coop and Regional trials in Saskatchewan (Table 2), CDC 4061-4 yielded 104% of the check variety CDC Amarillo in in the south and 102% in the north. CDC 4061-4 has similar disease resistance to the check varieties CDC Golden and Agassiz (Table 3). Application for PBR’91 protection for CDC Lewochko has been submitted to CFIA.

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