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Imidazolinone tolerant small red lentil with larger seed size and seed weight than CDC Maxim

Solid stemmed durum with good sawfly tolerance

Brown seeded oil seed flax with improved yield and larger seed

Preferred by end users

Adapted to all areas of western Canada

Bright yellow seeded oil seed flax with improved yield and straw strength. Matures 2 days later than CDC Bethune with better lodging resistance

Soft white spring wheat selected for very high yield and short, strong straw

Awned CWRS wheat with high grain yield and good sprouting resistance.

Awned, semi-dwarf CWRS variety with high grain yield and protein potential. Features short, strong straw and an MR rating to FHB

High quality CPS wheat with early maturity, midge tolerance, improved protein content and good disease resistance

High yielding green field pea with good lodging tolerance.

CWRS wheat with a great disease package, including an MR rating for FHB and midge tolerance

Awned, semi-dwarf CWRS wheat

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