Products for Sale

Brown seeded oil seed flax with higher yields and stronger straw than CDC Bethune

Yellow field pea featuring improved yield potential, good lodging tolerance and powdery mildew resistance

Awned, semi-dwarf CWRS variety with very high grain yield, high grain protein potential and strong straw.

Awned, semi-dwarf CWRS variety with high grain yield and protein potential. Features short, strong straw and an MR rating to FHB

Two-row malting barley with high yields and good straw strength

Two-row feed barley with top grain yield, straw strength, test weight and kernel size and plumpness

High yielding green field pea with good lodging tolerance and resistance to powdery mildew

Soft white spring wheat selected for very high yield and short, strong straw

Meadow bromegrass with higher seed yield, and similar pasture yield compared to Regar

Adapted across western Canada 


We are conveniently located on the south side of the North Saskatchewan river just off of Highway 16 between Loydminster and the Battlefords at the junction of the Paynton Ferry and proximate to the Cutknife grid. Dutton Farms has been in the seed business since 1974.  Today, seed is harvested with a rotary combine, bagged in the field, cleaned with a mobile seed unit including a gravity table, and moved by belt conveyors to ensure minimal handling and purity.

We have worked hard to maintain zero fusarium in our cereal seed supply, and have specialized in pulses for many years. 

We welcome your business.