Products for Sale

Semi-dwarf red winter wheat with moderate stem and leaf rust resistance and excellent grain quality

Adapted to western Canadian prairies

Fall rye with large kernels, improved test weight, high grain yield, strong straw and excellent winter hardiness

High yielding fall rye. Combines good winterhardiness with early maturity and good resistance to lodging

Brown seeded oil seed flax with improved yield and larger seed

Preferred by end users

Adapted to all areas of western Canada

Forage oat with high dry matter yield and digestibility

Adapted to Alberta growing conditions

White hulled milling oat with high grain yield, very good lodging resistance and excellent milling quality.

Feed oat with high yield, plump kernels and good lodging and shattering resistance. Similar maturity to Calibre. Susceptible to rust and smut

Forage oat with higher forage and grain yield than CDC Baler. Showy plant produces large, plump seed with high seed weight

Synthetic hybrid polish canola

Adapted to short-season growing areas of western Canada

Soft white spring wheat selected for very high yield and short, strong straw

Short strawed CWRS wheat with high grain yield and grain protein concentration

Adapted to the Canadian Prairies

Two-row dual purpose barley featuring top forage and grain yields and plump kernels

Two-row forage barley with smooth awns and CDC Cowboy parentage. High forage yield potential, and very large plump grain with high test weight

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