Products for Sale

CWRW winter wheat with high yield and protein potential. Excellent disease package with similar agronomic performance to CDC Buteo

Imidazolinone tolerant small red lentil with larger seed size and seed weight than CDC Maxim

Awned, semi-dwarf CWRS variety with very high grain yield, high grain protein potential and strong straw.

Awned, semi-dwarf CWRS wheat

Awned, early maturing CPS with high yield potential, improved protein levels and good disease resistance

Two-row forage barley with smooth awns and CDC Cowboy parentage. High forage yield potential, and very large plump grain with high test weight


Two-row, hulled malting barley. Combines good agronomic performance and physical grain quality with resistance to covered smut and stem rust

High yielding yellow field pea with medium vine length, good lodging tolerance and powdery mildew resistance

Two-row feed barley with top grain yield, straw strength, test weight and kernel size and plumpness

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