About SeCan

As "Canada's Seed Partner", SeCan actively seeks partnerships that promote profitability in Canadian agriculture. SeCan is the largest supplier of certified seed to Canadian farmers with more than 600 independent seed business members from coast to coast engaged in seed production, processing and marketing. We are a private, not-for-profit, member corporation with the primary goal of accessing and promoting leading genetics.

Nous travaillons en étroite collaboration avec nos partenaires d’élevage pour apporter cultivars les plus performants aux agriculteurs canadiens.SeCan compte plus de 480 variétés parmi les principales grandes cultures, notamment les céréales, les oléagineux, les légumineuses, les cultures spéciales, les herbes et les légumineuses.

La plupart des variétés que nous distribuons ont été développées par des organismes canadiens de sélection des plantes financés par des fonds publics, tels qu'Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada, des ministères de l'agriculture provinciaux et des universités. Nous distribuons également des variétés provenant de sociétés privées et étrangères.

Our genetics are easily accessible. Farmers can purchase SeCan varieties at most dealers of certified seed in Canada, which allows them the convenience of choosing a preferred local supplier.

Since SeCan was formed in 1976 we've been able to bring new varieties with improved features into commercial production more quickly. This is a benefit to everyone in the business, including farmers, millers and other processors, consumers and exporters.

We're proud of our accomplishments. SeCan continues to be a major supporter of plant breeding in Canada. To date, the organization has returned more than $100 million in royalties and research funding. We support Plant Breeders' Rights as a way to ensure the long-term sustainability of a healthy and viable seed industry in Canada.